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Bilingual Learning
Academic Year
Semester 1
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Assignemnt 3 - Analysis  within own subject area 1000 Words  25%
Semester Assessment Assignment 2 - Evaluation  of methods and practices which could be applied in class context 1400 Words  35%
Semester Assessment Assignment 1 - Poster  A3/A2 + 400 word justification (Benefits of Bilingual Learning and impact on employability)  40%
Supplementary Assessment Assignment 3 - Analysis  All failed elements of the assessments must be re-taken. This will require a revised version of each of the assignments in response to the feedback given.  25%
Supplementary Assessment Assignment 1 - Poster  All failed elements of the assessments must be re-taken. This will require a revised version of each of the assignments in response to the feedback given.  40%
Supplementary Assessment Assignment 2 - Evaluation  All failed elements of the assessments must be re-taken. This will require a revised version of each of the assignments in response to the feedback given.  35%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Identify and analyse definitions of bilingualism and its impact on the teaching environment, employability, and the workplace setting.

Select and compare a variety of methods and strategies which enhance the teaching and learning process in a bilingual environment.

Discover and draw out best practice from global examples on the development of bilingual teaching.

Brief description

Students have a wide variety of learning needs and requirements, but all need to have appropriate language skills to be able to access their learning. In the context of Wales, students may come to the learning environment with a variety of first languages and the practitioner must be able to adapt their teaching to accommodate this need. This module will give the opportunity to consider the needs and requirements of bilingual learning from two perspectives in particular – bilingual learning through the medium of Welsh, and English as an additional language. You will be given opportunity to consider your own practice and to evaluate your own development needs in this context. Teaching and learning methods will be considered as well as models and practices from global contexts. Opportunity will be given to evaluate and consider those practices in your own teaching environment.


Each unit will comprise of two hours combination of lectures and seminars.
Unit 1 - Definitions of bilingualism
Unit 2 - Bilingual education in Wales.
Unit 3 - Effects of bilingualism on learning
Unit 4 - Teaching and learning methods
Unit 5 - Planning and provision in a bilingual context
Unit 6 - English as an Additional Language - learners' needs.
Unit 7 - Strategies and best practice for EAL teaching
Unit 8 – Individual development issues and concerns regarding bilingualism and education provision.
Unit 9 - Models of bilingual provision.
Unit 10 - Case studies on global bilingual provision in education

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Statistical reports may be considered and data to support arguments may be analysed.
Communication This will be developed both in seminar discussions and in preparation for the assessments. The development of a poster will focus on effective communication of information to colleagues.
Improving own Learning and Performance Assessment for learning will be incorporated into many sessions to allow learners to reflect on their own performance and to develop strategies to improve. The needs analysis will focus on development of own learning and performance.
Information Technology All assignments will be word processes and students will be required to utilize IT resources in the research of their assignments.
Personal Development and Career planning Reflection activities during seminars will be used to encourage personal development. The needs assessment will be assessed.
Problem solving There will be a requirement to understand and apply relevant theoretical concepts to own practice and to learning and teaching contexts.
Research skills This will be developed throughout the module but particularly in regards to the research necessary in the assessments.
Subject Specific Skills Students will develop skills in regards to teaching, planning, assessing and professional practice.
Team work Seminar activities will involve group work.


This module is at CQFW Level 6