The Celtic Collection

The Celtic Collection brings together material relating to Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and contains approximately 25,000 books. Although the collection contains material on all subjects relating to Celtic countries, the two largest sequences are those on history and literature. The collection is housed on Level F of the Hugh Owen Library. Most items in the collection have the prefix CELT on the spine, with the exception of classes DA (History) and PB (Language and literature) and all may be found on Primo.

Classification and organisation of printed materials

Material is classified using the Library of Congress Classification system.  The following is a general overview of the class marks within the Celtic Collection:

B Religion
C Auxiliary Sciences of History
CB2006 - Celtic Civilization and Race
D History
DA670.C78 – 670 - Cornwall
DA700 – 745 - Wales
DA750 – 890 - Scotland
DA900 – 995 - Ireland
DC611.B841 – 611.B9173 - Brittany
E History
E184.I6 - Irish in the U.S.
E184.S3 - Scots in the U.S.
E184.W4 - – Welsh in the U.S.
F History
F1035 - Celts in Canada
F2936 - Welsh in Patagonia / Y Wladfa
G Geography / Anthropology
H Social Sciences
J Political Sciences
K Law
L Education
M Music
N Fine Arts
PA Classical Studies

Celtic Languages and Literature
PB1001-1100 -General
PB1101-1200 -Goidelic
PB1201-1449 - Irish
PB 1501-1709 - Gaelic
PB1801-1867 – Manx
PB1950- Pict
PB2001-2060 - Britannic
PB2101-2499 - Welsh
PB2501-2621 - Cornish
PB2801-2970 – Breton, Continental Celtic

Q Science
R Medicine
T Technology
U-V Military and Naval Science
Z Bibliography

The subject librarian in charge of the Celtic Collection is:

Lloyd Roderick
Meet your librarian
(01970 62) 1847