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    DigiTip 31: Quickly minimise all your open windows 💥

    This is a very quick tip, but hopefully a useful one! There may be occasions where you need to minimise all the open windows and apps on your laptop or desktop screen. Perhaps you are just about to start presenting and want to remove all open windows? Or you may just want to remove all […]

    My experience with Code First Girls 💻

    Blogpost by Jia Ping Lee (Digital Capabilities and Skills Development Coordinator) I remember first stumbling across Code First Girls through their social media during the summer of 2023, and then I learnt of Aberystwyth University’s new partnership with them. Having had no prior experience of coding and not having much knowledge about the tech world, […]

    Make the most of technology as you prepare for your exams 💻📚

    As we near towards the start of the Semester 2 examinations, we’ve put together a range of resources to help you make the most of technology as you prepare and revise for your exams. Student Digital Skills Library Blogpost: Busting Exam Stress with Technology AberSkills – Revise more effectively and tips to help you on […]

    DigiTip 30 – Create folders on your phone to help keep you organised 📁

    Do you often get swept up with the amount of clutter and unused apps that keep building up on your phone? With DigiTip 30, we can have a look at how to create folders on your phone and categorise your apps by types to help keep you organised. Example folder categories could include travel, finance, […]

    Rock your LinkedIn Profile 🤘🏻

    Blogpost by Shân Saunders (Digital Capabilities and Skills Development Coordinator) As the end of the academic year approaches, you may be starting to think about job prospects and future careers and where to start with this journey. LinkedIn now offer “Rock your Profile” webinars to help you learn how to build an interesting profile that […]

    DigiTip 29: Move between Windows with ease 🔁

    Whether you’re working on one screen or two, you will most likely have multiple windows open and as such you have probably found yourself frantically trying to find the window you’re looking for.   DigiTip 29 has the solution!  You can view and swap between all your open windows by using Windows key + Tab.    View […]

    Develop your AI Skills with hands-on practice in LinkedIn Learning 👩‍💻

    Back in October 2023, we wrote about an exciting new partnership between LinkedIn Learning and CoderPad, which brought forth the addition of Code Challenges to LinkedIn Learning. These challenges are tailored to assist learners, from beginners to advanced, in developing their coding skills through interactive exercises and real-time feedback. You can revisit our previous blogpost […]

    Boost your productivity in MS Teams 💡 

    Blogpost by Sioned Llywelyn (Digital Skills Lead)  As someone who uses Microsoft Teams every day for work, I’ve discovered a collection of useful keyboard shortcuts and tips that have helped me in navigating the platform more efficiently. Whether you’re a staff member jumping from one meeting to the next, or a student using MS Teams […]

    DigiTip 28: How to add comments in collaborative documents online 📃

    Are you planning to work on a collaborative group project with your peers or do you want a co-worker to provide you with comments without permanently editing the document? Today, we will look at how to add comments to collaborative documents that multiple people can edit. By utilising the comment function, others can understand your […]

    Develop your Digital Communication Skills 📱

    Want to learn how to improve your digital communication skills and especially how to use Instagram to promote your Business or Social Enterprise? AberPreneurs, part of the University’s Careers Service, are running an exciting online event, Instagram for your Business/Social Enterprise – with Kacie Morgan, on Wednesday 24 April (14:10-15:00). This session will be delivered online on MS […]