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    AU Graduate Digital Skills Profile Series – What next?

    Blogpost by Laurie Stevenson (Student Digital Champion) That concludes the first half of graduate interviews in our Digital Skills Profile Series and the second half will be released in Semester 2 so keep an eye on our IS social media channels and our blog for updates! In the meantime, you may be wondering from reading […]

    Top tips for Mastering your Schedule 📅

    Blogpost by Joel Williams (Student Digital Champion) To accompany a blogpost that I published last week on how you can use time management tools to help you master your schedule, I’ve created an infographic (text version below) which summarises some of the key strategies and tools that have worked for me. Text version: Mastering Your […]

    DigiTip 13 – Schedule and Delay delivery of your emails in Outlook 📨

    Depending on who you would like to communicate with, sometimes it is more convenient to schedule and delay your emails for another time. This gives you more time to re-edit the content of your email again if necessary and you can plan for less stress in the future if you can prepare your emails in […]

    Navigating Digital Wellbeing: A Personal Journey in the Digital Age

    Blogpost by Noel Czempik (Student Digital Champion) As a Student Digital Champion, I embarked on a quest to better understand our digital world and its impact on our lives. Despite acquiring knowledge about the tools and resources it offers, I was discontent with my relationship with technology. This discontent prompted deeper introspection and a lot […]

    Mastering Your Schedule: A Student’s Guide to Time Management Tools ⌚

    Blogpost by Joel Williams (Student Digital Champion) As module handbooks are released, work and deadlines can quickly feel overwhelming. In this post, I will show you some of the programs I’ve used to help take back control of my studies, which should aid you when managing your workload. The first two programs, Microsoft–To-Do & Google […]

    DigiTip 12 – Getting Microsoft Word to Read Aloud to you 🔊

    Do you find it easier to proofread a document or an email when you can hear what you’ve written? Luckily, there’s a useful function called Read Aloud that will play back written text as spoken words, and this is available in several Microsoft 365 apps, including Word and Outlook. It can read both Welsh and […]

    AU Graduates Digital Skills Profile Series – Week 4 (Physics Graduate)

    Our last profile for this semester is a recent Physics graduate who has had an exciting career since leaving Aberystwyth University in 2002 and is now teaching himself computer programming and is hoping to find a new career in that field. At AU we have lots of resources to help you learn new things such […]

    The Power of Digital Wellness: Introducing our Digital Wellbeing Series  

    Blogpost by Joel Williams (Student Digital Champion) One focus for the Student Digital Champions this year is to explore strategies and programs we’ve used to increase our digital wellbeing. This series will explore what digital wellbeing is and will consist of posts and infographics discussing reducing eyestrain, digital detox, working environment and much more!    […]

    DigiTip 11: Introducing the self-care app Finch 🐥

    Finch is a self-care app designed to help you set realistic wellness goals to achieve throughout the day.   The app includes features such as a focus or meditation timer, reflection diaries, quizzes, and soundscapes.   Help your Finch avatar grow by earning points through completing your daily goals. The daily goals can be remembering to drink […]

    AU Graduates Digital Skills Profile Series – Week 3 (Stephanie Mogridge)

    Week 3 is our interview with Stephanie who works for TSB Banking in Mortgage Servicing and feels she got a pretty good grip of data literacy while at AU but wished she’d learnt more about her digital identity and wellbeing. If you’d like to learn more about your own digital identity and wellbeing, why not […]