Chapter digitisation

To use this service:

  • you must be a registered member of staff, undergraduate, postgraduate taught/PGCE/research or Lifelong Learning student at Aberystwyth University
  • the item(s) must be currently held in print version in the Hugh Owen Library/Physical Sciences Library/External Store 
  • the item(s) must not be available electronically via library subscription on Primo or openly available online
  • you may request 1 chapter/10% per book (whichever is greater)
  • you must complete and submit the form below

The scanned extract(s) will be sent directly to your University email. 

For items not available in our electronic or print collections in the Library, submit your request via the Document Supply Service.

This service is only available in support of the academic aims of the University to Staff and students at Aberystwyth University and in adherence with the terms of our copyright license.

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