Study spaces in the Library

There are a variety of silent, individual and group study spaces available for you to book in advance in the Iris de Freitas Room and on Levels E & F of the Hugh Owen Library. 

Levels E & F 

Study spaces in Level E & F

We currently have the following spaces available on Levels E & F of the Hugh Owen Library:

  • Hugh Owen Level E study spaces (x 28)
  • Hugh Owen Level E PC spaces (x 12)
  • Hugh Owen Level E Single Study spaces (x 2)
  • Hugh Owen Level F study spaces (x 35)
  • Hugh Owen Level F PC spaces (x 14)
  • Hugh Owen Level F Single Study spaces (no PC x 6)
  • Hugh Owen Level F Single Study spaces (PC x 13)


Spaces are available between 8.30am and 5.15pm. The Iris de Freitas Room is open later. If you can't find a time that suits you, please get in touch 

Access to Levels E and F is strictly via the booking system. Please select the study space you wish to book from the drop-down list 

You will need to bring your Aber Card with you to use the study spaces

How to get to Levels E and F

Come into the Library through the main entrance and up the stairs:

HO Library main entrance


Iris de Freitas room

Study spaces in Iris de Freitas

The Iris de Freitas Room currently provides access to:

  • 25 individual study spaces
  • 9 individual study spaces with PCs
  • 1 printers/photocopiers/scanner
  • Water refill station
  • 5 individual study rooms with computer 

Group Study

There are a number of study rooms available for groups of users from the same household to book. Each room contains a computer and can be used by individuals or a limited number of members from one household at any one time:

  • Iris de Freitas Carrel 01 – 2 users from the same household 
  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 6 – 4 users from the same household  
  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 7 – 4 users from the same household
  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 8 – 4 users from the same household


Access to the Iris de Freitas Room is strictly via the booking system.

There is a separate booking system for the 5 individual study rooms available here These rooms are available for quiet individual study and cannot be used by groups, even if they are from one household. These rooms can be used by an individual needing to take part in online meetings and teaching activities. 

You will need to bring your Aber Card with you to use the study spaces

Here's how to find the Iris de Freitas Room:

Booking and safety

  • You can book slots of 2 hours and 45 minutes every day
  • Spaces can be booked up to 1 week in advance
  • You can book either a study space with a computer or a study desk
  • You can only book one space per slot
  • You will need your Aber Card to access the room
  • Users should only visit the library during their booked time slot. Please do not turn up for your study space booking slot before your start time as people will be exiting the building before this time
  • All users should sanitise their hands before entering the rooms. There will be hand sanitising stations at entrances
  • All users should observe the 2-metre social distancing rule
  • Users should not use spaces that have been marked as unavailable
  • All users must use their Aber Card to swipe to enter and exit the library
  • All users must follow the one-way system
  • Face coverings must be worn in all University buildings
  • The numbers of users in the rooms at any one time is strictly limited
  • Staff and visitors to the space will be following recommended hygiene practises
  • Do not come to the library if you are unwell. The main symptoms of COVID-19 are:
    • new continuous cough;
    • high temperature;
    • loss of or change to your normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia)



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