Aspire News

New editing features, a quick Add Resource tool and a 'Request Digitisation' form

These improvements will be of benefit to those staff creating or updating Aspire Reading Lists. Remember to Publish your reading list after making any changes.

1. August 7th - a 'Request Digitisation' form

To request a chapter or article to be digitised so all your students can read it online

  • Add the chapter or article to your Aspire reading list
  • In the Edit Item Menu to the right of the title, click Request Digitisation. The online which appears will be auto-filled from the chapter or article you added.
  • Complete the steps and submit the form

Library staff will acquire or create a copyright-cleared, digitised copy of the chapter/article and link to the item in the Aspire Reading List, or get in touch with you if there are any copyright issues.

2. July 30th - new editing features

The Publish button is located on the list page.

A range of list editing functions are located on the list page, for example

  • Click the menu (three vertical dots) next to any item to
    • New: cut and paste a section or item to another location in the list
    • Add sections and add notes to student or library
    • Add notes to the list – click Add paragraph below
  • Use the double-headed arrow button to move an item up or down the list
  • Click Importance not set to choose or change to Essential or Further Reading

3. July 30th - Add Resource: a quick method for adding books to your Aspire reading list

  • Visit the reading list you want to add to
  • Click Add Resource and search by title, author or ISBN
  • Select the book – note that you can see which editions are already in Aberystwyth University libraries
  • Click the + button to add the edition to your reading list
  • Click Importance not set to select Essential or Further Reading