Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

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Module Title
Academic Year
Semester 2
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture 12 x 2 hour Lectures
Practical 12 x 2 hour practicals


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Coursework 3,000 word case study  50%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   Written Examination  50%
Supplementary Exam 3 Hours   Written Examination  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Analyse an athlete's psychological skills training needs, identify suitable strategies for addressing these needs and methods of implementing and assessing the efficacy of suggested strategies

Critically discuss the empirical and theoretical underpinnings of key psychological skills training strategies and interventions

Demonstrate a critical understanding of consultancy issues, such as ethical considerations in applied work and different approaches to consultancy with athletes


The contribution of psychological factors to successful sports performance at all competitive levels is well established. A number of key psychological skills and interventions (underpinned by relevant theory and research) are available to help athletes to achieve optimal psychological states in both training and competition. The module builds on, and illustrates the practical application of, theoretical and empirical bases developed in the level 2 pre-requisite module (SS23020). The ability to practically apply theoretical and empirical knowledge is an essential requirement of those who wish to pursue a career and gain professional accreditation in providing psychological support services in sports contexts.

Brief description

In this module students will explore the application of a range of psychological strategies in the context of presented case studies. The module will develop the theoretical background covered in SS23020 by deeper consideration of the research literature and by presenting additional theoretical frameworks and models (for example models of imagery). The primary focus of the module is on the application of theoretical and research knowledge in the form of psychological skills training and intervention strategies aimed at optimising competitive sports performance.


The module content will involve discussion of the principles, application, supporting research, and, theoretical underpinnings of key psychological strategies and interventions. Examples of such include: self-regulation, goal setting, emotional control, cognitive strategies, building confidence, and, developing team cohesion. The module will also cover consultancy issues such as ethical concerns in applied work and different models and theoretical frameworks employed in practice. Practical activities include role play of consultancy scenarios, observation of team dynamics, and the use of emotional control strategies.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Case study assessment and written examination: Expression of arguments coherently and in an appropriate academic style
Problem solving Case study assessment: Identification of problems Identification of factors which might influence potential solutions ? Identification of solutions, and evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of potential solutions ? Construction of a rational proposal in response to a problem
Research skills Case study assessment: Location and use of primary sources Production of an academically appropriate report
Subject Specific Skills Case study assessment: Theoretical and empirical knowledge and knowledge of the application of psychological skills training strategies and interventions Written examination: Theoretical and empirical knowledge and knowledge of the application of psychological skills training strategies and interventions Key issues in consultancy work

Reading List

General Text
Andersen, M.B. (2000) Doing Sport Psychology Champaign, Illinois: Human Kinetics Primo search Bull, S.J., Albinson, J.G. and Shambrook, C.J. (1996) The Mental Game Plan Sports Dynamics Primo search Cockerill, I. (2002) Solutions in Sport Psychology London: Thomson Primo search Hill, K.L. Champaign, Illinois: Human Kinetics (2001) Frameworks For Sport Psychologists Champaign, Illinois:Human Kinetics Primo search Murphy, S.M. (1995) Sport Psychology Interventions. Champaign, Illinois:Human KineticsChampaign, Illinois:Human Kinetics Primo search Tenenbaum, G. (2001) The Practice of Sport Psychology Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology Primo search Weinberg, R.S. and Gould, D. (1995) Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology Champaign, Illinois:Human Kinetics Primo search Williams, J.M. (2007) Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance (Third Edition) 5th London: Mayfield Publishing Company Primo search International Journal of Sport Psychology Primo search Journal of Applied Sport Psychology Primo search Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology Primo search Journal of Sports Sciences Primo search Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 6