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Study Skills
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Distance Learning

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Other Private study on DL units; Preparation and submission of written assignment; Additional research and private study


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Semester Assessment Semester Assessment  Written Assignment of 5,000 words  100%

Brief description

This module aims to assist you with your studies on the LL.M. by guiding you in the development and refinement of the range of skills that you must master if you are to study successfully. You will receive guidance relating to the comprehension and critical analysis of a variety of legal materials, including law reports, legislation and academic literature. You will also receive guidance on the tasks/exercises that are fundamental to the study of law and to their assessment within the LL.M.: case noting, problem solving and essay writing. You will be set exercises that provide opportunities to develop and refine these skills and you will also be given the opportunity to submit a comprehension exercise mid-way through the module. The feed back from this exercise will help you to gauge the level of difficulty of the module and assist you when you come to write the module essay.

Reading List

Recommended Text
Adams, J.N. Understanding Law Document 3. Read: The Idea of Understanding, pp.26-50 Sweet & M. Primo search Bill Jones and Roy Johnson Making the grade : a study programme for adult students Document 16 .Read - Instructions and The A-Z of Good Essays pp.12-13 & 121-128 Manchester University Press Primo search Bill Jones and Roy Johnson Making the grade : a study programme for adult students Document 17: Read - What Makes a Good Essay pp.182-184 Manchester University Press Primo search Blaxter, Loraine How to Research Document 21. Read: How to Criticize, pp.216-223 edition 2r.e. Open U.P. Primo search Brayne, Hugh Legal Skills Book Document 20. Read: The use of good straightforward English, pp.61-87 edition 2r.e. of Professional Skills for Lawyers Butterworth Primo search Elbow, Peter Writing with Power Document 19. Read: More Ways to Revise, Thorough Revising and Revising With Feedback, pp. 121-145 edition 2r.e.of "Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process" Oxf.U.P.(N.Y.) Primo search Elliott, Catherine English Legal System Document 5. Read: pp.5-23 (2nd edition, 1998) edition 2r.e. Longman Primo search Gifford, D. J How to understand an act of Parliament Document 10. Read: pp.173-178, Ch 47, European Construction (1996) Cavendish Primo search Harnadek, Anita Critical reading improvement : a program for self-instruction Document 22. Read: pp1-2 (1969 edition) McGraw-Hill 1969 Primo search Holland, James A. Learning Legal Rules Document 9. Read: Ch.8 - Interpreting Statutes-The Rules pp.197-229 (4th edition, 1999) edition 4r.e. Blackstone P. Primo search Holland, James A. Learning Legal Rules Set TextSet text for this module edition 4r.e. Blackstone P. Primo search Llewellyn, K. N. Bramble bush Document 2. Read: pp.1-17, What Law Is About. edition 1960 part pages Oceana Publications Primo search Race How to get a good degree Document 1. Read: pp.162-168 (1998) Open University Press Primo search Race How to get a good degree Document 18. Read: Essays & Reports, pp.95-108 & 114-118 (1999) Open University Press Primo search Williams, Glanville Llewelyn Learning the law Document 12. Read: pp.112-135, Working out Problems (11th Edition) edition 12th part pages Stevens and Sons Primo search All England Law Reports Document 4: Impress (Worcester) v Rees [1971] 2 All ER 357. Criminal Law Review Document 15. Read: Wychavon District Council v National Rivers Authority [1993] Crim LR 766 Law Reports: Appeal Cases Document 6. Alphacell v Woodward [1972] 2 AC 824 Law Society's Gazette Document 23. Read: Morton, James; 1986 Fraud Trials, The Law Societys Gazette 29 January 1986 p.255 Statute Law Review Document 11. Read: Turnbull, I M L; 1986 Problems of Legislative Drafting (1985-86) Statute Law Review pp.67-77. Article not available online. Times Law Reports Document 14. Read: Moses v Midland Railway [1915] TLR 440. Weekly Law Reports Document 13. Read: Price v Cromack [1975] 1 WLR 988 Public General Acts Document 7. Read: Rivers (Prevention of Pollution) Act 1951 Public General Acts Document 8. Read: Water Resources Act 1991 ss.85,88,89
Supplementary Text
About EUR-Lex - the portal to European Union law Support Resources Acts, SIs and Command Papers online from HMSO website Support Resources Help Guides for Lexis/Nexis Support Resources Help Guides for Westlaw Support Resources Introduction to Information Resources for Law Distance Learners Support Resources Locating full-text European Union case law via Lexis, Westlaw & EUR-Lex Support Resources Subject Information & Links for Law Support Resources UWA Electronic Journals Support ResourcesAccess to electronic journals is via the JoEy (Journals Electronically @ UWA) web pages. Use the A-Z feature to browse the titles or "Search by word in journal title" to search by title. UWA Electronic Resources Support ResourcesAccess to Lexis and Westlaw is via the ElecInfo webpages using the "A-Z of Electronic Information Sources" link..


This module is at CQFW Level 7