Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Art Gallery Education
Academic Year
Semester 1 (Taught over 2 semesters)
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Seminars / Tutorials Personal and group tutorials given once the gallery education pack project is set
Lecture 11 x 1 hour
Other 5 x 2 hours Delivering a talk, or presentation, or workshop. This will vary depending on the student's degree scheme. Other Presentations. Professional lectures delivered by different providers of Education programmes in schools and galleries


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • to take the ideas which are explored in their art history and practice, and museum studies, into the area of gallery education
  • extend the students? communication skills

  • utilise and combine creative and practical skills, art appreciation and art history
  • deliver workshops to small groups of school and college students

  • be confident in dealing with members of the public, public speaking, etc
  • present a reflective journal of the teaching experience and thought processes

  • present a teaching pack or workshop to complement an exhibition

Brief description

This module provides a practical grounding in art gallery education. It will take place in the Arts Centre, School of Art, Ceredigion Museum, National Library of Wales and with participating schools. Students are introduced to the various forms of education delivered by practicing artists in art galleries, museums, schools and community projects, etc. Through a practical and interactive programme, the aim is to help prepare students for a career as a professional practicing artist. Students take ideas explored in their own work into the area of gallery education, and are encouraged to communicate both their own work, and that of other artists, to an audience of varied ages, background and ability. There will be opportunities to observe workshop sessions with schools at the participating galleries.


Many students contemplate teaching or gallery education as a profession following their first degree. Thi module gives the student experience of organizing and delivering presentations to the public and also experience of teaching in a gallery situation, in the role of a practicing artist. It is suitable for students of art practice, art history or museum and gallery studies who can design education packs in relation to specific exhibitions and collections.


Semester One
  • Introduction to Education in Museums
  • Using a Painting to Develop Confidence and Introduce Enquiry
  • Introduction to National Curriculum and Curriculum Cymraeg
  • Neurolinguistic Programming. In what ways people learn'
  • Primary Key Stage 1 and the Hidden Curriculum
  • Early Drawing Progression
  • Semester Two The Role of the Artist in Residence: What is looked for in an artist in residence?
  • Qualitative and Quantitive Measuring of Your Education
  • Marketing Yourself and the Workshops
  • School of Art Teaching Initiative Community Project Teaching Workshops
  • Semester One PowerPoint Presentations training (1 hour)
  • What does it feel like to be in the full view role workshop
  • The Logistics of Organizing School VisitsHow to Finish a Residency
  • How can we attract adults to the gallery discussion
  • Introduction and the Relevance of this to the Gallery Educator / Artist
  • What is the Gallery's / Museum's Mission for Education?
  • Self-directed Projects
  • Semester One
  • Design a worksheet based upon one artefact linked to national targets and consider follow-on work in schools or School of Art
  • Presentations on artefacts to the peer group using PowerPointObservation of classroom activity in participating schools in preparation for school workshop
  • Semester TwoCD-ROMs: Electronic publications offer wide potential for interactive enquiry into the visual arts in Wales
  • Splinter community arts
  • Teaching a workshop in schools or for an exhibition
  • Produce an educational flier
  • Producing an education pack
  • Reflective journal of thoughts and ideas
  • (ongoing)Group and Individual Tutorials (ongoing)

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Significant elements of this module relate to presentation skills which are assessed through the reflective journal and the observed teaching project. This will be assessed in the observed session.
Personal Development and Career planning Students wishing to progress to teaching and gallery education and Artist in Residency posts ought to have the necessary skills to inform their planning.Students will be made aware of possible progression routes to further their teaching experience.
Research skills Innovative ways of delivering the education are encouraged which will require research skills in gathering information from different sources and presenting them with a new slant. This will be developed by the guest lectures and assessed in the Education pack.
Subject Specific Skills Delivery of workshop. This is assessed through the reflective journal and observed during a teaching session


This module is at CQFW Level 6