Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Biochemistry and the Cellular Basis of Life
Academic Year
Semester 1
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Practical 1 x 3 Hour Practical
Workshop 1 x 4 Hour Workshop
Lecture 33 x 1 Hour Lectures
Practical 2 x 4 Hour Practicals


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Group poster  20%
Semester Assessment Individual essay  (2,000 words)  40%
Semester Assessment Practical test  (computer-marked test)  40%
Supplementary Assessment Portfolio assessment  (approx. 3000 words) equivalent of above assessments. Students must take elements of assessment equivalent to those that led to failure of the module.  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Identify and describe biological molecules, relating their structure to their function.

2. Give a detailed description of cell structure, identifying the functions of each part.

3. Outline pathways in cellular metabolism.

4. Describe the processes involved in the development of multicellular organisms.

Brief description

This module provides an overview of the biochemical building blocks of cells and relates the structure of molecules to their function. An outline is provided of the origin of eukaryotic cells and the role of the membrane in cellular organisation. Metabolism is introduced, concentrating on cellular respiration. Finally the module considers the processes of cell signaling and cell division in the formation of multicellular tissues and organs in animals.


The module begins with an introduction to the key molecules that make up all life forms: nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. There then follows a discussion of the structure of cells highlighting the role of membranes as the organising principle. The key enzymes and pathways of metabolism are introduced. Cell signaling and cell division are discussed in the context of tissue and organ formation. The theoretical concepts are reinforced through practical and group work.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Practicals will involve collection of data. Manipulation of the data will be required for the assessment of the practicals.
Communication Students will be required to listen effectively in lectures. Students will need to communicate effectively in practicals and when undertaking group work.
Improving own Learning and Performance Students will be expected to use resources available through Blackboard and to take responsibility for managing their time to submit work on time.
Information Technology Essay will be word processed.
Personal Development and Career planning Not an element of this module, however the students will be expected to relate the material to their chosen degree scheme.
Problem solving Practicals and the assessment of these will involve solving a variety of problems.
Research skills Research will be required in producing the individual essay.
Subject Specific Skills Practical techniques and core knowledge.
Team work Students will be required to work together to prepare their poster.


This module is at CQFW Level 4