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ICT in Learning and Teaching
Academic Year
Semester 1
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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Plan for the effective use of ICT with individuals, groups and whole class

Evaluate the strengths and limitations of ICT in Education

Evaluate their practices and/or experiences of the use of ICT in the classroom

Understand safety and security when using ICT in education


This module allows students to critically evaluate the theories that underpin the pedagogically effective use of ICT. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to evaluate how ICT can be used to enhance learning and teaching, and to enhance a range of skills in their learners. Students will have the opportunity to design and critically reflect on their own ICT resource and to present their findings to their peers.

Brief description

This module will evaluate how ICT can be used as a tool to enrich learning and support learning strategies. The module will evaluate the benefits of using ICT while also critically evaluating the barriers to implementation from the teacher, learner, and educational establishment. A key aspect of the module will focus on the safe use of ICT and how personal security needs to be promoted to all learners. The module will prepare students to develop their own ICT based lessons and students will have an opportunity to design their own resources and present these in the form of a poster and oral presentation.


Week1- What is ICT? Outline and define different forms of ICT in the classroom
Week 2- Evaluating the benefits of ICT to enhance learning
Week 3- Evaluating the barriers to using ICT in the classroom
Week 4- How ICT can support learning strategies
Week 5- Sharing experiences of ICT in Education and Assignment Support
Week 6- Safety and Protection when using ICT in education
Week 7- Assessing with ICT
Week 8- Effective use of collaborative and communication tools on the classroom
Week 9- Planning and delivering ICT enhanced lessons
Week 10- Poster and Presentation assignment support

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Statistical reports will be considered and data used to support arguments.
Communication Students will complete a 5 minute presentation and design a poster that will provide them with a range of communication skills for different audiences.
Improving own Learning and Performance Assessment for learning will be incorporated into many sessions to allow learners to reflect on their own performance and to develop strategies to improve.
Information Technology The focus of the module is on ICT and therefore this aspect will be developed in each session
Personal Development and Career planning The module provides a range of skills that will be beneficial in regards to career planning and subject knowledge.
Problem solving Students will encounter real world barriers to the implementation of ICT and will need to develop responses to this.
Research skills This will be developed throughout the module but particularly in regards to the research necessary in the assessments.
Subject Specific Skills Students will develop skills in designing ICT based lessons and resources.
Team work Seminar activities will involve group work.


This module is at CQFW Level 4