Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

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Pedagogy and Curriculum Knowledge
Academic Year
Semester 1 (Taught over 2 semesters)
PGCE Entry Requirements
Other Staff

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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Academic Blog  (Total 4000 words, 7x500 + 2x 250)  100%
Supplementary Assessment Academic Blog on different topics  (Total 4000 words, 7x500 + 2x 250)  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Accurately reflect and analyse curricular requirements and evidence based practice for their subject and/or area of learning.

2. Evaluate the content and application of skills, including the literacy and numeracy framework, and the digital competency framework.

3. Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of an inclusive learning environment.

4. Evaluate cross-phase educational issues.

Brief description

This core module has been designed to meet the Welsh Government Circular No: 008/2017, Criteria for the accreditation of initial teacher education programmes in Wales. This module places a strong emphasis on understanding the curricular and skills requirements, and how theories of pedagogy and learner development can be applied effectively within specific areas and contexts of learning. Due to the integrated nature of the programme you will gain knowledge, understanding and practical experience of curricular requirements and effective pedagogies across both Primary and Secondary sectors. These enhanced experiences will equip you to be able to teach effectively across phases whilst also, due to your enhanced understanding of the requirements of the broader curriculum, enabling you to plan and teach in the most effective and appropriate ways.


In this module, the following units will be discussed in relation to the new Standards for QTS, as depicted in Schemapp 1 Section B. The content units for 7 university-based weeks are as follows and indicate the core content for each element of the module. These units will provide the underpinning principles and knowledge which need to be applied on teaching practice.

Every student teacher will be required to study three elements – a specialist area, a core area, and an enrichment area. Student teachers from each specialism will follow a different combination depending on their choice of subject or area of learning, but will be following similar content for each section, as is identified below:

(Content will vary according to student teacher:
Secondary student teachers focus: Subject specialim;
KS2 student teachers focus: All KS2 Areas of Learning;
FPh student teachers focus: All FPh Areas of Learning)

Specialism Course: Key concepts, Substance & Structure

- Development of Specialist Curricular Knowledge
- Evidence based practice in specialist area.
- Applying the skills curriculum in the specialist area of learning.
- Planning and evaluating sessions in the specialist area.
- Applying assessment theory in specialist area.
- Inclusion and additional needs in specialist area.
- Developing an effective learning environment in specialist area.
- Applying theories of learning in specialist area.

Core Course: Pedagogy & Curriculum
- Evidence based practice in Enrichment area.
- Planning and evaluating sessions in core area.
- Applying the skills curriculum in the core area of learning.
- Developing an inclusive learning environment in core area.
- Evidence based practice in core area.

Enrichment Course: Pedagogy & Curriculum
- Development of enrichment area curricular knowledge.
- Planning and evaluating sessions in Enrichment area.
- Applying the skills curriculcum in th Enrichment area of learning.
- Developing an inclusive learning environment in Enrichment area.
- Evidence based practice in Enrichment area.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Statistical reports may be considered and data to support arguments may be analysed.
Communication This will be developed both in seminar discussions and in preparation for the assessments.
Improving own Learning and Performance This will be a core skill developed within the module, with a clear emphasis on self-reflection, where the student teachers will be expected to consider impact on their own practice.
Information Technology All assignments will be word processed and students will be required to utilize IT resources in the research of their assignments as well as in the presentation of their blog.
Personal Development and Career planning This will be a skill developed within this module as student teachers reflect upon their own practice and development.
Problem solving Students will consider how to address specific issues within their own contexts and practice, and develop the skills to address this in the future.
Research skills This will be developed throughout the module but particularly in regards to the research necessary in the assessments.
Subject Specific Skills Students will develop skills in regards to teaching, evaluating, and developing professional practice through research and collaboration.
Team work Seminar activities will involve group work. The consideration of collaboration and partnerships will be introduced and considered. Some collaboration with other staff within subject area will be expected.


This module is at CQFW Level 6