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Contemporary German Politics
Academic Year
Semester 1
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Course Delivery



Due to Covid-19 students should refer to the module Blackboard pages for assessment details

Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Journal  (1400 learning journal on seven topics)  30%
Semester Assessment Group Presentation  20%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   Four questions to be answered out of ten  50%
Supplementary Assessment Resubmit all failed or missed elements. These can be resubmitted to the module coordinator and presented at an individual tutorial session during the resit period.  50%
Supplementary Exam 2 Hours   Resit the exam if failed or missed unless only the presentation and learning journal are failed.   50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Understand Germany’s political system, its organs and institutions
2. Read, understand, describe and analyse different German-language sources
3. Discuss the political and societal challenges facing contemporary Germany
4. Have a broad understanding of the historical development of Germany’s political system
5. Be able to Iinvestigate and present information independently


This module will explore the landscape of contemporary German politics, looking at political systems, structure and specific political parties as well as challenges faced by Germany since 1989.

Brief description

This course looks to explore different aspects of German politics within the context of European and global challenges. The module is based on the excellent online resources of the Bundeszentrale fuer Politische Bildung [Federal Agency for Civic Education]. It aims to encourage students to research and write independently as well as prepare group presentations according to their interests. The course will be taught and assessed as far as possible in German.


Seminar 1: Introduction Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Seminar 2: Wie ein Gesetz entsteht + Blog Writing Workshop
Seminar 3: Der Bundestag und der Bundesrat
Seminar 4: Die Bundeskanzlerin und Bundesregierung
Seminar 5: Der Bundespraesident und das Bundesverfassungsgericht
Seminar 6: Politische Parteien - Student Presentations (SP)
Seminar 7: Herausforderung: Geschichte – SP
Seminar 8: Herausforderung: Medien – SP
Seminar 9: Herausforderung: Demografischer Wandel - SP
Seminar 10: Herausforderung: Arbeitsmarkt - SP
Seminar 11: Herausforderung: Die EU - SP
Seminar 12: Herausforderung: Fluechtlinge - SP
Seminar 13: Zusammenfassung

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number The students will learn to understand numerical information and statistics.
Communication This skill will be developed in the seminar discussions, presentations and in the written assessments.
Improving own Learning and Performance Through writing an independent blog, this skill will be developed and assessed.
Information Technology The use of the internet and blackboard is essential for this module.
Personal Development and Career planning This module will contribute to the students’ abilities to absorb and summarise information and present information.
Problem solving These skills will be developed through the analysis of different sources on different topics. The ability to do so will be assessed in the blog and the exam.
Research skills These skills will be developed through the analysis of different topics. The ability to do so will be assessed in the blog, presentation and the exam.
Subject Specific Skills This module will improve the students’ understanding of German politics and contemporary debates.
Team work This skill will be developed in seminar discussions and group presentations.


This module is at CQFW Level 6