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Professional Practice for Students of Art
Academic Year
Semester 2
Exclusive (Any Acad Year)
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Job Application  500 Words  35%
Semester Assessment Featured Article  1000 Words  35%
Semester Assessment Artist Statment and Website  Artist statment (500 words) & design of website.  30%
Supplementary Assessment Job Application  500 Words  35%
Supplementary Assessment Featured Article  1000 Words  35%
Supplementary Assessment Artist Statment and Website  Artist statment (500 words) & design of website.  30%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Design an artist website to promote yourself as an artist.

Write and design a featured article reflecting on your art practice.

Identify the diverse career possibilities open to Fine Art graduates, articulate personal career goals, and determine the next steps to achieve them.

Identify, develop, and apply the key skills required to succeed as a Fine Art graduate.

Contribute to group discussions, creating an artistic community with both staff and students.

Complete an authentic job application tailored towards a career in the arts.

Brief description

This module embeds both employability and enterprise skills into the core curriculum for Fine Art practitioners. The key skills developed through this module support second and third-year studies, in addition to establishing future career paths and employment goals.

Students are introduced to a wide range of career possibilities within the arts sector and put into effect self-promotion, job application and reflective practice techniques. Authentic assessment design provides a real-world experience, effectively preparing students for future employment opportunities. Reflective writing assessments help students to articulate and present ideas including their artistic intentions clearly and persuasively. Whereas the vocation focused assessments prepare students professionally for a career in the arts. Such authentic, vocation-oriented training encourages students to develop an ethos of professionalism as artists.

Students will be introduced to the principles of exhibition organisation and self-promotion in addition to professional social media use, effective website design and its management. Students will develop professionalism in all areas of practice, from reflective writing to professional photographic capture of artwork, developing vocational skills essential to sustain a career as an artist.

Students will learn through interactions with professional practitioners, both external and internal and apply this knowledge through career focused, authentic assignments. Students will produce a professional artist’s website, complete an authentic job application, and write a reflective article on their art practice. In addition, the module provides a supportive environment to discuss and resolve problems that occur for students and professionals regardless of their fine art discipline.


This module aims to equip fine art students with the key skills needed to develop a successful career in the arts sector. By incorporating authentic assessments focused on essential career skills, in addition to perspective guidance from arts professional’s both external and internal.


Through a blended learning approach in combination with authentic assessment design, students will discover and develop key vocational skills essential for a successful career in the arts. As a core module for Fine Art single honours students, the flexibility provided through a blended approach enriches and deepens their learning experience.
‘Meet the Professional’ sessions are a series of external talks from past and present students, local artists, and professionals within the arts and heritage sector. A broad selection of specialisms are represented in the schedule, introducing students to a variety of career possibilities as a Fine Art graduate. On module, 8 hours will be dedicated to ‘Meet the Professional’ sessions.

Assessment workshops focus on the application and development of key skills required to succeed in the authentic module assessments. Each workshop is tailored to provide an interactive, assessment focused learning experience, preparing students for the module assessment future real world experience. Each assessment has a dedicated workshop and dedicated Q and A session effectively supporting students learning and development. Workshops will account for 4 hours of timetabled content.

Over the module, 6 hours of asynchronous online lecturettes and video demonstrations support the in-person workshops and ‘Meet the Professional’ talks, effectively supporting the students learning experience. A wide range of topics are covered including time management, approaching galleries, website design, digitisation of artwork, artist statements and postgraduate study. The content will naturally develop and change in line with the learning outcomes, module aims and everchanging graduate employment needs.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Both visually and in writing through the development of a professional website, artists statement and featured article. Applying effective written communication skills through a job application process. Developing confidence communicating with fellow students, artists and in approaching Art organizations.
Improving own Learning and Performance Developing skills in self-promotion through a variety of platforms. Understanding where to find sources of funding as professional artists.
Information Technology Designing a professional artist’s website, utilising individual creativity, and developing skills in basic website design. Developing an online presence using website and social media platforms. Use of word processing skills for the job application and featured article assignments.
Personal Development and Career planning Students are introduced to methods of career planning in the arts and must demonstrate their understanding through the job application assignment. Students have the opportunity to hear from professionals, further expanding career prospects.
Problem solving Tailoring a job application, exploring website design, and writing a featured article as young artists. Understanding and developing an individual strategy for self promotion of work.
Research skills Researching artists and their online presence. Exploring how artists use the written word to express ideas.
Subject Specific Skills Presenting artworks in the public domain, self-promotion of skills and achievements as an artist, and self-reflection on artistic practice.


This module is at CQFW Level 5