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Biotechnology for Business
Academic Year
Semester 2
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Business pritch of grant proposal  10 minute oral pitch of grant proposal  20%
Semester Assessment Case study report  2000 Words  30%
Semester Assessment Grant application  3000 Words  50%
Supplementary Assessment Business pritch of grant proposal  10 minute oral pitch of the grant proposal either in person or by Teams. The latter could involve an AI generated voice over if required. The topic of the pitch must match that of the grant proposal assessment, if thisIchanged for resit the pitch must match the topic of the new grant proposal  20%
Supplementary Assessment Grant application  Expression of interest grant application using an original call. Students must submit an idea that is novel, of relevance and within the scope of the call. The resit will allow students to rework their original proposal or develop an alternative one 3000 Words  50%
Supplementary Assessment Case study report  Investigation into one small and defined area of biotechnology to find out who is doing what, where and to what volume? Emphasis will be on investigative research to reveal turn over, IP, future plans and trends for that sector. 2000 Words  30%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Demonstrate awareness of good scientific practice in professional research.

Evaluate the relative merits and limitations of different technologies.

Critically evaluate the challenges of applying biotechnology in an industrial environment.

Identify, target and apply for grant funding.

Assess the context, risks and opportunities that exist in the biotechnology industry, including different business models.

Communicate appropriately with biotechnology stakeholders including academics, industrialists and funding agencies.

Demonstrate professional skills applicable to a career in biotechnology.

Brief description

In this module students learn how various biotechnology businesses maintain their place in the market, develop their technology and USP, the problems they faced whilst becoming established and those they continue to face in the long term. By the end of the module students will have a much clear vision of how science can be commercialised. The module will take advantage of useful study visits to biotech companies as opportunities present. Students will be mentored in tutorials to develop a grant proposal using authentic forms (e.g. IBCatalyst), and consider how best to meet the specifics of that call In addition, students will learn how to search and use patent literature, understand intellectual property, and learn to pitch their ideas in a business arena.


8h Induction of lectures mixed with video, and recorded presentations from biotechnology companies, biotechnology entrepreneurs, scientists and others in the sector.
8 weekly 2h tutorials (these may be split into 2*1h slots) for lectures, discussion and workshop activities.
Up to 4 study trips to biotechnology facilities e.g. biotech companies, breweries, conferences and destinations as opportunities allow.
2x 2h student presentation sessions at the end of the semester.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Students will need to evaluate sector size, financial cost and project requirements in this module
Communication Oral presentation and also written communication in the case study and grant proposal.
Improving own Learning and Performance Reflective tutorials and feedback on assignments.
Information Technology Research for written and oral assignments.
Personal Development and Career planning We will discuss employment in biotechnology during the module, and if opportunity allows students will be able to attend a sector specific careers talk..
Real world sense The case study assessment allows students to evaluate on the impact and opportunities of biotechnology in the real world in terms of profit, trends, markets, geographical location, and socio-economic impact
Research skills The case study and the grant proposal will require extensive research.
Subject Specific Skills Writing and developing grant application, and developing these ideas into a short focused oral presentation (pitch)


This module is at CQFW Level 7