Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

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Semester 3 (Dissertation)
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 14,000-15,000 word dissertation  100%
Supplementary Assessment 14,000-15,000 word dissertation  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Demonstrate knowledge of a range of relevant research methods and techniques in organising the research inquiry

Structure an argument in a coherent and convincing manner displaying a wide range of accurate knowledge and understanding of key issues.

Analyse and critically evaluate scholarship in the chosen field of study.

Write a dissertation in compliance with the substantive as well as formal requirements.

Students will develop an expertise in their specialist area of study.

Brief description

The dissertation is an important element of the Department's Masters programme. It provides as opportunity for Masters students to research and write an independent piece of research of 14,000-15,000 words.


The aim of the Dissertation is to assess a student's ability to analyse a large body of material, organise it, and write it up in a manner that sustains a persuasive argument. The requirement is not to produce original work; it is to write a piece of research that demonstrates a strong capacity for independent thought. Students are allocated a member of staff as their advisor who provides guidance on the structure and argument of the thesis.


The contents of the Dissertation will be different for each student. Students propose a topic for their Dissertation and this is approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. To pass, a Dissertation must meet its objectives which should be set out at the beginning; sustain a coherent and well-developed argument; and be presented in a scholarly manner.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Creative Problem Solving Creative problem solving will be one central goal of the module; the submission of the dissertation will require that students develop independent research skills as well as problem solving skills. The ability of students to solve problems will be developed and assessed by asking them to: adopt differing points of view; organise data and estimate an answer to the problem; reason logically; consider similar cases; look for patterns; divide issues into smaller problems.
Critical and analytical thinking Students will be expected to improve their own learning and performance by undertaking their own research and exercise their own initiative, including searching for sources, compiling reading lists, and deciding (under guidance) the direction of their written work. Students will also be expected to conduct research on key theoretical approaches to International Relations, develop these approaches through the dissertation, and deploy theoretical arguments that allow for interpreting data.
Digital capability Students will be expected to submit their work in word-processed format. Also, students will be encouraged to search for sources of information on the web, as well as seeking sources through electronic information sources (such as Web of Science).
Professional communication The discussions in the workshops will help students to develop verbal and presentation skills. Learning about the process of planning and undertaking research, framing the parameters of the projects, and developing the research design of the dissertation will contribute towards their portfolio of transferable skills


This module is at CQFW Level 7