Web Application Development

What are Web Applications?

Web Applications (sometimes referred to as webapps) are usually interactive pages that deal with either collecting data, displaying data, or sometimes both.

They can be as simple as an application to collect and process the data that a user submits through a web form, or they can be pages that plug in to back office database systems and present data for display on the web.

We can produce bespoke web based systems that enhance the user experience. We can also do mashups of local data and 3rd party information and technologies.

How to get a Web Application

Consult us first and we'll do the best we can to design a system that meets your requirements. Please give us plenty of notice, as applications can take a while to design, build and test. This is especially true when a webapp needs to integrate with existing systems and databases.

If you already have an existing web application, or if you have commissioned a 3rd party company to develop one, we can assist in integrating those applications with the CMS and ensuring a consistent look and feel with the rest of the site. If you're thinking about commissioning a 3rd party to develop an application for you, let them know that we have templating systems to help them develop systems that match our look and feel.


We usually do most of our programming in PHP and JavaScript. We regularly make use of XML, XSLT, Sqlite, mySQL and shell scripting where appropriate, if you have a specific technology you need to work with, talk to us, we'll see what we can do.