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LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform which features over 16,000 high-quality online courses in digital, business and creative skills. Staff and students at Aberystwyth University have free, unlimited access to the courses and training resources, available 24/7, and you can follow the courses on your computer or your mobile device using the app.


About LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses taught by industry experts, with many new courses added weekly. A wide-range of courses are available for all levels - from beginners to experts.

Training is available in areas including:

  • Business software and tools
  • Career development
  • Customer service
  • Graphic design
  • Information security
  • Leadership and management
  • Photography
  • Professional development
  • Software development
  • Web design and development

Once you have created your account, you can receive personalised recommendations related to your subject and interests. You can also share courses and related skills to your LinkedIn profile.

Getting started

On a browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Aberystwyth University email address and password
  3. The first time you login you will be prompted to connect your personal LinkedIn account, or continue without connecting an account. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account but wish to create one, click “Connect my LinkedIn account” and on the next page click “Join now”
  • There are benefits to connecting your personal LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning including
    • Save time with easy access directly from
    • Experience more personalized learning with personalized recommendations based on your professional profile and what others in your role or industry are learning
    • Keep learning top-of-mind with high-quality, expert-led learning recommendations as you scroll down your newsfeed
    • Your learning achievements can be recorded on your LinkedIn profile

On a mobile device:

  1. Search for “LinkedIn Learning” in your app store and login using your Aberystwyth University email address and password

Your data and privacy is protected

  • When you connect your LinkedIn account, rest assured that only your learning activity will be shared with the University. No other activity or data
    from your LinkedIn account will ever be accessible or shared with the University. See the details of LinkedIn Learning’s
    Privacy Information here
  • If you choose not to connect your LinkedIn account, you will create a separate LinkedIn Learning account that is not connected to

What if I change my mind? I connected my LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning, and now want to disconnect it?

What do students think of LinkedIn Learning?

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What do Aberystwyth students think of LinkedIn Learning?

What motivated you to sign up?

  • "I was interested in studying topics outside my field"
  • “Because it is free to university students"
  • "To get advice from people already in the industries"
  • "Because a certification for some courses publishable on your LinkedIn Learning profile could increase employability"
  • "To develop career skills in my final year"
  • "Because of how easy it seemed to use"

What content have you watched or listened to?

  • "women in the workplace"
  • "Data analysis"
  • “Interview tips”
  • “Mindfulness”
  • “Career building and planning”
  • “Team building”
  • “Leadership and management”
  • “Diversity and inclusion”
  • “Strategic thinking”
  • “Creative writing”
  • “Cloud computing and software engineering”
  • “Java programming language”
  • “Support for Microsoft programmes such as Excel”
  • “Sales techniques”

Is the content relevant to you as a student?

  • "Yes, because there are many topics outside the classroom that you would wish to cover, and that is where LinkedIn Learning comes in"
  • “It's more about moving on to a career after uni. It's really good to get ahead like that and get an idea of what career studies are like"
  • "It has a lot of general help and advice which is particularly useful for students who don’t have the time or do not want to follow up study skills or specific topics with a lecturer"
  • "Yes, I have found content that is related to my degree."
  • "I think people would find it helpful if they are pursuing internships as it’s useful for getting
  • ready to work."
  • "It's relevant to both students and lecturers alike."

Do you find it easy to navigate?

  • "It's easy to access and navigate, there is nothing complicated there"
  • "The menus and other features of the user interface is very detailed and easy to navigate"
  • "I find LinkedIn Learning so much more refined [than other platforms] and the user interface is so much more friendly"
  • "The fact it is so easy to use is one of the reasons I chose to sign up"

Why would you recommend LinkedIn Learning to other students?

  • "Because there is nothing to lose, and you can always learn something new"
  • "The course quality is really high and gets information across quickly- it’s as good as that gets."
  • "It’s a really useful resource to have outside of class"
  • "It’s an organised form of learning that you can’t get anywhere else"
  • "It gave me a new insight into things that I had not learned at the University"

Produced by the Student Digital Champions. Digital Skills Team (

Training for staff

The Digital Skills Team provide the following two LinkedIn Learning training sessions for staff: 

Getting started with LinkedIn Learning

  • No sessions currently scheduled

Using LinkedIn Learning to support your teaching

  • No sessions currently scheduled

If you are unable to attend the scheduled sessions, or if you would like to discuss specific requirements with a member of our team, please email, or you can also book an appointment online


Finding relevant content (Staff)

Staff struggling to find relevant content from LinkedIn Learning to recommend to their students or colleagues can use the below Excel document that LinkedIn Learning has produced, which categorises relevant content for both students and staff.

Please note: This is a selection of content from LinkedIn Learning and not an exhaustive list.

Download LinkedIn Learning Campus Mapping Document (July '22)

LinkedIn Learning content from the document has been grouped into the following 14 categories: 

  1. Student Success
  2. Curriculum
  3. Teaching Success
  4. IT & Technology
  5. Art & Creative
  6. Admin & Finance
  7. Organisation & Project Management
  8. Institutional Effectiveness
  9. Leadership
  10. Professional Development
  11. Human Resources
  12. Diversity, Ethics and Law
  13. Health and Wellness
  14. Marketing and Social Media     

To view each category, click on the relevant tab at the bottom of the Excel document. For any queries relating to this document, please email 

Help and support in using LinkedIn Learning

As you work with LinkedIn Learning, we are very interested in your experiences and feedback.

  • If you have questions about content or appropriate courses or navigating the system please contact
  • If you need technical assistance with the LinkedIn Learning login process, please contact the IS Service Desk