Halls Contact Lists

Information Services provide a number of email lists for authorised staff to contact students living in halls.

These lists:

  • are updated daily from student data in AStRA
  • include students in the current academic year only; the rollover date from one academic year to another is 01 September.
  • exclude students who no longer have access to AU email
  • are available to authorised residences staff only 

Students living in a hall

All students living in a hall Use hall-#hallcode#@aber.ac.uk Replace #hallcode# with the appropriate code from the table below
All students living in a particular block/flat  Use hall-#hallcode#-#block#@aber.ac.uk

Replace #hallcode# with the appropriate code from the table below

Replace #block# with the relevant block or flat number

All students who have a current termtime address which is not a halls of residence  Use hall-priv@aber.ac.uk  

 Hall Codes

Hall CodeHall Name
CLAR Clarendon House
CWRT Cwrt Mawr
FPEN Fferm Penglais
GWAL Gwalia Residences
PENS Pantycelyn-Penbryn
PJMV Pentre Jane Morgan
ROSS Rosser
ROSG Rosser (Block G)
TREF Trefloyne