What are Digital Skills?

Digital skills are the skills, knowledge and practices that equip us to live, learn and work safely and effectively in a digital society. 

The Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework identifies six main elements which make up different aspects of a person’s digital skills.

Examples of digital skills include:

  • Adopting new devices, applications, software and services
  • Sourcing, evaluating and sharing information effectively
  • Using email and other digital communication services
  • Handling data appropriately and establishing good data security practices
  • Using digital technologies to develop new ideas, projects and opportunities
  • Working in digital teams, groups and projects to achieve shared goals
  • Understanding how to protect ourselves and others to stay safe in the digital environment

As a result of the pandemic, the time that most of us spend online has increased significantly – through working, learning, teaching, and interacting with others online. We are also increasingly seeing current technologies being replaced by more advanced ones.  

Being digitally capable and confident is important for both students and staff, to ensure that they can navigate through a constantly evolving digital society, to be able to succeed in the workplace and to compete successfully for future employment.