Video Wall

Video Walls can be used to display several videos on a page in a neat grid. Users can click on the video of their choice and the video will open in a pop-up for them to watch.

What's Required?

Before creating your video wall in your page, you should undertake the following preparation:

  • Confirm the links for your YouTube videos (the code required for each video will be after the "?v=" in the web link);
  • Confirm the link text required for each item in your video wall;
  • Ensure that you have Moderator permissions in the CMS, as this style can only be created by Moderators;
  • Ensure that the following content templates are available in the section in which you wish to place your video wall:
    • Display Video Wall;
    • Video Wall Item.

How To?

CMS users can create a video wall in their webpages by following the instructions provided in Information Sheet 34.