If you need CMS training, please self-enrol and complete online training on Blackboard:

  • Contact us to tell us that you want to do CMS training so that we can add you to the system
  • Go to the Web Services Staff Training section
  • Click on CMS Training in the left menu
  • Download the training exercises
  • Watch the online training videos in Blackboard and work through the exercises
  • Let us know that you have completed the course, as well as noting what permissions you will need
  • After your work in the CMS has been checked and you've also completed Digital Accessibility Training, you will be granted the necessary permissions

User Level Upgrade

All new CMS users are trained at Contributor level. However if the new CMS user needs to be a Moderator for their section they may be upgraded (subject to confirmation with the department/section). When a CMS user has been upgraded from Contributor to Moderator, they will need to complete the Upgrade exercises: