Dr Harry Heuser


Dr Harry Heuser

Uwch Ddarlithydd

Manylion Cyswllt

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Module Coordinator

Oriau Swydda (Amseroedd Cyswllt Myfyrwyr)

  • Dydd Llun 2 PM-4 PM


Heuser, H 2021, A Forefront in the Aftermath? Recorded Sound and the State of Audio Play on Post-‘Golden Age’ US Network Radio. in I Arteel, L Bernaerts, S Bluijs & P Verhulst (eds), Tuning in to the Neo-avant-garde: Experimental Radio Plays in the Postwar Period. Manchester University Press.
Pritchard, C & Heuser, H 2021, Difference Reconciled: Ceri Pritchard’s Paradoxes..
Heuser, H, Inconvenient Objects: Curating Works from the School of Art Collection, 2021, Exhibition.
Heuser, H 2021, “There ain’t no sense to nothin’”: Serial Storytelling, Radio-Consciousness and the Gothic of Audition. in L Bernaerts & J Mildorf (eds), Audionarratology: Lessons from Audio Drama. Ohio University Press.
Heuser, H, Seeing Red: Works from the School of Art Collection, 2020, Exhibition.
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