Dr Rachel Cross

PhD (Wales)

Dr Rachel Cross

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Brady‐Boyd, A, Hazeldine, K, Cross, RE, Ren, G, Connell, A, Kershaw, CP, Holliman, PJ & Evans, DA 2023, 'Investigating the Molecular Orientation and Thermal Stability of Spiro‐OMeTAD and its Dopants by Near Edge X‐Ray Absorption Fine Structure', Advanced Physics Research. 10.1002/apxr.202200045
Astley, S, Hu, D, Hazeldine, K, Ash, J, Cross, RE, Cooil, SP, Allen, MW, Evans, J, James, K, Venturini, F, Grinter, DC, Ferrer, P, Arrigo, R, Held, G, Williams, GT & Evans, DA 2022, 'Identifying chemical and physical changes in wide-gap semiconductors using real-time and near ambient-pressure XPS', Faraday Discussions, vol. 236, pp. 191-204. 10.1039/D1FD00119A
Tomes, JJ, Astley, S, Macaire, L, Reigate, C & Cross, R 2021, From blur to optical oasis: Image resolution improvements to speciate parasitic infections. in S Mahajan & S Reichelt (eds), Frontiers in Biophotonics and Imaging., 1187904, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 11879, SPIE, Frontiers in Biophotonics and Imaging 2021, Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 28 Sept 2021. 10.1117/12.2601534
Laurent, B, Cousins, CR, Gunn, M, Cross, R & Allender, E 2019, 'UV luminescence characterisation of organics in Mars-analogue substrates', Icarus, vol. 321, pp. 929-937. 10.1016/j.icarus.2018.12.031
Huntly, C, Langstaff, D, Gunn, M, Laurent, B, Cross, R, Tyler, L & Knight, T 2018, 'Proposed Hyperspectral Imager for Planetary Surface Missions', Paper presented at European Planetary Science Congress 2018, 01 Sept 2018. <http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2018EPSC...12.1188H>
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