Digwyddiadau Ymchwil sydd ar fin digwydd

Dyma raglen seminarau ymchwil Semester 2 yr adran - arlwy hynod ddiddorol! Croeso cynnes i bawb i ymuno â ni. Bydd manylion pellach ar bob seminar unigol, ynghyd â chrynodeb o'r papur, yn cael eu dosbarthu yn agosach at y dyddiad priodol.

Dyddiad ac Amser Siaradwr a Theitl y Papur Lleoliad neu Ddolen
19 Hydref, 4:30yh Kim Knowles, ‘Thinking the ecological thought through film’ Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams
26 Hydref, 1:15yh Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow), ‘On the need for a lexicon: getting a “taste” for landscape’ via Zoom
2 Tachwedd, 4:30yh Margaret Ames, ‘Disability, gesture, aesthetics’ Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams
10 Tachwedd, 4yh Centre for Material Thinking: artist commission talk with Doug Burton, Aim King, Tanya Syed, Simon Whitehead  Creative Arts Studio (Ystafell 501, Soddy Lab), School of Art
16 Tachwedd,  1:15yh

Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Julie Dind (Brown University), ‘In and On Autistic Terms: Towards an Autistic Theory of Gesture’

via Zoom 
23 Tachwedd, 4:30yh Heledd Hardy, ‘Troi Tir: Regrow Hemp’ Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams
30 Tachwedd, 1:15yh

Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Leah Lovett (University College London), ‘Walking in the Posthuman City’

via Zoom 
7 Rhagfyr, 4:30yh

Tom Alcott, ‘The Image of Gareth Bale: Presenting hierarchies, masculinity and national identity through sports stardom’

Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams
9 Rhagfyr, 4:30yh

Centre for Material Thinking: film screening and Q&A: Hart of the Wood by Benjamin Wigley

Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams
14 Rhagfyr, 4:30yh

Roger Owen, ‘Cafflogion, Korsakow and The Hero’s Journey

Sinema, Adeilad Parry Williams

Digwyddiadau Ymchwil Blaenorol

Ceir rhestr o ddigwyddiadau ymchwil blaenorol yr Adran yn y tablau isod.

Blwyddyn Academaidd 2021-22, Semester 1

20 Hydref 2021 4:30yh

Heidi Morstang (Prifysgol Plymouth), ‘Intuitive Interventions: Constructing Documentary Cinematic Narratives’



27 Hydref 2021 4:30yh


Marcy Saude
 (Prifysgol Aberystwyth), ‘Artists’ Film and Reproductive Labour’



3 Tachwedd 2021 4:30yh


Lisa Richards 
(Prifysgol Aberystwyth), ‘“In essence, a talent show for bakers”: The Great British Bake Off as genre hybrid and cosy commodity’



9 Tachwedd 2021 3:00yh 




Carrie Noland (Prifysgol California, Irvine), ‘Fact and the Materiality of Meaning: Merce Cunningham's Winterbranch

Wyneb yn wyneb ac ar-lein

Stiwdio'r Ffowndri, Adeilad Parry Williams

17 Tachwedd 2021 4:30yh

Lucy Gough and Piotr Woycicki 
(Prifysgol Aberystwyth), ‘Mapping the Soul VR

Wyneb yn wyneb

Stiwdio RGJ, Adeilad Parry Williams

24 Tachwedd 2021 4:30yh

Bethany Usher 
(Prifysgol Newcastle), ‘NOTORIOUS: journalism, dramatisation and crime’



1 Rhagfyr 2021

Johanna Isaacson (Modesto Junior College, California), ‘Coming of Rage into the Futureless Future: Social Reproduction and Young Women in Contemporary Horror Films’ 



8 Rhagfyr 2021

Bella Merlin 
(Prifysgol California, Riverside), ‘Life on Zoom: The Actor as a Practical Researcher’



15 Rhagfyr 2021


Liam Jarvis
 (Prifysgol Essex), ‘Immersive Embodiment: Empathy Activism & Postdigital Performances of Care’



Blwyddyn Academaidd 2020-21, Semester 1

Dyddiad, Amser a LleoliadSiaradwr a Theitl y PapurDolen Microsoft Teams

21 Hydref 4:30yh Microsoft Teams

Glen Creeber, ‘Never Ending Stories: Reconsidering complex TV and the historical evolution of the new multiarc drama serial’   
4 Tachwedd, 10yb Microsoft Teams Tanja Beer (Griffith University, Australia), ‘Ecoscenography: An Introduction to Ecological Design for Performance’

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11 Tachwedd, 4:30yh Microsoft Teams

Ffion Jones, ‘How to talk to my Dad and other stories: Gendered, embodied knowledge within a Welsh agricultural context and the importance of listening to farmers in the rewilding debate'

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18 Tachwedd, 4:30yh Microsoft Teams

Roger Owen, ‘Cafflogion, Endemism and Exile: Returning to a novel by R. Gerallt Jones

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2 Rhagfyr, 4:30yh Microsoft Teams

Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths, University of London), ‘Hydromedia: From water literacy to aqueous politics’

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9 Rhagfyr, 4.30yh Microsoft Teams

Janet McCabe (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘Divided Bodies, Crossing Borders, Transnational Encounters: towards a feminist approach to transnational TV studies’

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Blwyddyn Academaidd 2020-21, Semester 2

Dyddiad a AmserSiaradwr a Theitl y PapurDolen Microsoft Teams

3 Chwefror 2021 4:30yh

Marie Cronqvist (Lund University), ‘The entangled television histories of Scandinavia and East Germany: Influences and exchanges across the Baltic Iron Curtain’

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10 Chwefror 2021 10:00yb

Kath Bicknell (Macquarie University, Australia), 'Staying alert to risk and bodily vulnerability in performance and training: a cognitive ethnographic study on the static trapeze' (Performance, Media and Sport series)

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17 Chwefror 2021 4:30yh

Rachel Hann (Northumbria University), ‘Decolonizing Scenography: A case study on Rosie Elnile's Prayer (2020)’

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24 Chwefror 2021 4:30yh

Sarah Crews (University of South Wales) & Solomon Lennox (Northumbria University), ‘Soft Borders and menstrual tensions: Resisting hegemonic narratives in boxing’ (Performance, Media and Sport series)

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3 Mawrth 2021  4:30yh

Johanna Karlsson (Aberystwyth University), ‘Laying Claim to the Power One Desires: How the #women2drive Campaign Changed Traffic in Saudi Arabia’

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10 Mawrth 2021 4:30yh

Tasha Kitcher (Loughborough University), ‘Electrophone: the Victorian precursor to live streaming’

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17 Mawrth 2021 4:30yh

Anat Pick (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Permacinema: Vegetal Ethics in Eric Rohmer's The Green Ray


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14 Ebrill 2021 4:30yh  Harry Heuser (Aberystwyth University), ‘The Gothic of Audition: Audionarratology, Transdisciplinarity and Old-Time Radio Listening as Self-Othering’ 

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21 Ebrill 2021 4:30yh  Amy Daniel (Aberystwyth University), 'Ghosts of My Life - a hauntological documentary on the works of Mark Fisher'

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5 Mai 2021 4:30yh

Shannon Walsh (Louisiana State University, USA), ‘Shifting Affinities: Sports and Theatre During the Pandemic’ (Performance, Media and Sport series)

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19 Mai 2021 4:30yh

Lucy Gough (Aberystwyth University), ‘Footnoites to a Snowglobe’

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