Prof Stephen Tooth

Prof Stephen Tooth


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Manylion Cyswllt

Noder: Mae gwybodaeth ychwanegol neu manylach ar y fersiwn Saesneg o'r proffil hwn.


Module Coordinator

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Macklin, M, Booth, J, Brewer, P, Tooth, S & Duller, GAT 2022, 'How have Cretan rivers responded to late Holocene uplift? A multi-millennial, multi-catchment field experiment to evaluate the applicability of Schumm and Parker’s (1973) complex response model', Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.
Thomas, A, Tooth, S, Lan, S, Holt, T, Saunders, I & Tarren, H 2022, 'Soil properties across a hydrological gradient in saladas from northeast Spain: What are the implications for soil carbon stocks, CO2 efflux and microbial communities in a warming world?', Wetlands Ecology and Management.
Li, J, Tooth, S, Zhang, K & Zhao, Y 2021, 'Visualisation of flooding along an unvegetated, ephemeral river using Google Earth Engine: Implications for assessment of channel-floodplain dynamics in a time of rapid environmental change', Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 278, 111559.
Colarossi, D, Duller, GAT, Roberts, HM, Tooth, S & Botha, GA 2020, 'A comparison of multiple luminescence chronometers at Voordrag, South Africa', Quaternary Geochronology, vol. 60, 101094.
Larkin, ZT, Ralph, TJ, Tooth, S & Duller, GAT 2020, 'A shifting ‘river of sand’: The profound response of Australia's Warrego River to Holocene hydroclimatic change', Geomorphology, vol. 370, 107385.
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