Adverse Weather

From time to time, we may experience adverse weather here in Aberystwyth, be it high winds, flooding, snow or ice.  You can check weather warnings on the Met Office or other media such as BBC Weather.

During periods of significant adverse weather, the University will monitor the conditions and communicate to you via e-mail should we need to provide you with any advice or updates therefore please check your e-mails regularly.

During adverse weather the conditions can change rapidly and all persons are advised to be aware of their own safety, to take a common-sense approach to the conditions and not to take avoidable risks.

During such periods we would advise you to remain indoors where possible until the adverse weather has subsided and if you do need to go out, take great care, keeping well clear of the sea and be mindful of walking near trees and any falling debris.

If you need to go outside during periods of snow or ice, be very careful and ensure that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

In the event of storms, high winds and high tides at Seafront, it is important to remain vigilant and take care when entering and leaving your residence.

High tides and bad weather conditions increase risks therefore please observe the following:

  1. Where possible, enter and exit the building using rear doors;
  2. Avoid beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths and roads;
  3. If you live facing the sea, close your curtains and avoid windows during high tides;
  4. For information relating to high tides and flooding, you can call the Environment Agency Wales on 0345 988 1188 or visit


If at any time you require any assistance from us, call our 24/7 University Helpline on 01970 62 2900.