Communal and Bedroom Inspections

A kitchen in one of the flats in Fferm Penglais

In order to ensure your safety, and that all fire safety equipment is fully operational, Fire Safety and Compliance Checks will be conducted as follows...

Communal Area Inspections – Every 3 weeks

Individual Bedroom Inspection – Once a term

What and Where?

During each COMMUNAL inspection we will ....

  • carry out a visual check of the fire extinguishers and blankets  
  • check that no fire prevention equipment has been tampered with
  • check that no objects are obstructing access and fire escape routes
  • check that no fire doors are propped open
  • remove any prohibited items found (as listed in your Residents’ Handbook)
  • record any damage and the general cleanliness of your communal spaces

During each BEDROOM inspection we will ....

  • check for any damage and observe the general cleanliness of your room
  • check that no clutter is obstructing the floor area and fire escape routes
  • remove any prohibited items found (as listed in your Residents’ Handbook)
  • check for any tampering of the smoke detector
  • check the condition and security of your window 
  • check that the door is not propped open

Should we deem it necessary, we will arrange a follow up ad-hoc cleaning inspection of your flat / house / studio or bedroom.


A member of the residences team who will be wearing full uniform and carrying I.D will be undertaking the fire safety and compliance checks in your communal areas and bedrooms.


The inspections will be carried out between 9.30am and 4.30pm

Please click on the following link for dates of Communal and Bedroom inspections for this term:

Archwiliad Ysgtafelloed Gwely a Chymunedol Communal & Bedroom Inspections