Transfer Requests

The Accommodation Transfer process will open at 9.00am on Monday 02 October 2017.

If you wish to transfer into other university accommodation, you are required to complete a transfer request form. This should be completed and submitted, in person, to the Accommodation Office located in Y Sgubor, Fferm Penglais. 

Completion of a transfer form does not guarantee that a transfer will take place and any request has to be first considered by the Accommodation Office. Completed transfer forms will be processed in date and time order that they are received, however priorities may be given in extenuating circumstances. A transfer is then dependent upon suitable vacancies being available in your chosen residence, therefore there are no time scales available on how long your transfer may take.

How to request a transfer:

  1. Download a Transfer Request Form or collect one from the Accommodation Office.
  2. Attach any supporting documentation i.e. letter from doctor, personal tutor, etc. to the Transfer Request Form.
  3. Return your completed form to the Accommodation Office in person. Please note we will not accept forms sent electronically.
  4. If a suitable vacancy is available, the Accommodation Office will contact you by e-mail. Please therefore check your Aberystwyth University e-mail account regularly.
  5. If a transfer between rooms/residences can be arranged there will be an administration and cleaning charge of £25, payable to the Accommodation Office prior to moving in (debit or credit card accepted).

What happens next...

 Transferring to a different residenceTransferring to a new room in the same residence
Step 1 Receive a new offer of accommodation to your Aber e-mail account Receive a new offer of accommodation to your Aber e-mail account
Step 2 Accept your new offer and complete your new Accommodation Licence Pack – you won’t need to pay the acceptance fee again You are not required to complete a new Accommodation Licence Pack as the terms and conditions of your existing licence still apply. You can view your licence pack by logging into the Accommodation Portal
Step 3 Collect your new room key  Accept your new offer by collecting your new room key
Step 4 Return your old room key on the same day  Return your old room key on the same day

Important information

  1. As soon as you receive an e-mail from the Accommodation Office offering you an alternative room, you have 48 hours to make the move. Failure to move within this time will result in the Accommodation Office withdrawing the offer of transfer and you will no longer be considered for a transfer. Should you still wish to transfer accommodation you will need to re-apply.
  2. Please note that moves can only take place between Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.
  3. When you vacate your current room you must clean the room to a satisfactory standard or you may be subject to additional cleaning charges. An inspection will be carried out, following your departure, to ensure that the room you are moving from has been left clean and not been subject to any damage. If damage/cleanliness charges apply you will either be sent an invoice for the amount or a deduction will be made from your deposit.
  4. Failure to hand in the room key for your old room by 5.30pm on the day you move will result in you being charged the nightly rate for both rooms. Please refer to our Accommodation Fees for further information.
  5. Non return of your old room key will result in a charge of £30 per key.
  6. If you no longer require a transfer please notify the Accommodation Office at the earliest opportunity.
  7. Please contact Student Support Services if you wish to discuss any pastoral or welfare issues with them prior to completing the Transfer Request Form.