Confiscated Items

For the health and safety of all residents, if an item that is deemed to be dangerous and/or prohibited is discovered in your accommodation, it will be removed from residences by a member of the Residences team. Please refer to Appendix 4 of the Residences Handbook for a list of prohibited items.


When an item / items are confiscated from your accommodation, you will be left a receipt detailing: your university address, the date / time it was confiscated, description of item(s) confiscated, reason for confiscation, student’s name and signature (if the student is present at the time), the staff name and their signature. You will also receive a follow up e-mail from the Residences team confirming that this is the case.

The item(s) will then be kept by the Residences team and will be available for you to collect from the Accommodation Office in Y Sgubor, Fferm Penglais (8.30am - 5pm Monday - Thursday, 8.30am - 4.30pm Friday) at the end of your Accommodation Occupation Contract unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Residences team.

Should you not have collected the item(s) 7 days after the end of your Accommodation Occupation Contract, or otherwise agreed date, the item(s) will be disposed of accordingly.