Learning Centres and Bookable Rooms

The University provides you with free spaces where you can go to socialize, do group projects or work individually. 

Learning Centres  

Here you can access:

  • Computers to work on
  • Photocopier & Printer
  • WIFI
  • Large group working areas
  • Comfy seating area
  • Vending machines

Learning Centres can be found at PJM Amenities Block and Rosser. 

B‌ookable Rooms

We provide 4 bookable rooms, on Fferm Penglais, for you to use, for free - it doesn't matter what residence you live in!


These room are here so that you have another little space to explore and use to gain a new perspective, to fill your creativity and to meet new friends. Please keep them clean, keep them tidy and use them well. Be it for group work, as a performance space, for society meetings or just another place to sit, study and reflect. We have rooms with big screens, chairs, tables and even a room full of bean-bags  - perfect for a movie night!

Outside each room, is a timetable. In order to book the room, you just need to write your name next to the date/times you wish to use it.

These rooms are there for you to use, so make the most of them!