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Below are links for printable copies of the Blackboard RMP Guidance for staff:

Blackboard RMP Word Document

Blackboard RMP PDF

RMP Guide

Blackboard is the Aberystwyth University (AU) online learning environment. Each AU module has its own course site in Blackboard.  The RMP provides consistency and increase usability so that students can find the content that they need. All content uploaded and generated in Blackboard should be as accessible as possible. See AU Guidance on Creating Accessible Learning Materials for more information.

All AU Blackboard course sites use an agreed template with areas for core information. The module template is agreed annually.

Module Information Folder

The module information folder should contain the following:

  • Module outline, aims and learning outcomes, including a link to module database. A separate downloadable module handbook may be provided that contains this information.
  • Recorded introduction to the module including how to navigate content in Blackboard.
  • Induction materials to help students familiarise themselves with module requirements, organised into a single folder. This should include activities for students to familiarise themselves with the tools and approaches used in the module. Provide clear instructions for students on how to engage with the module and learning activities.
  • Information on when content will be made available to students.
  • Link to any relevant health and safety information for studying on the module, including risk assessments where relevant.
  • Information about staff teaching the course including Staff profiles including contact information and availability, how to arrange a meeting (in person or online) and when students can expect a response to a query.
  • Details about how students can provide feedback on the module.
  • A link to Panopto Course tool

An organised location for Learning Materials

A folder or Learning Module structure should be created for Learning Materials. To allow staff greater autonomy over content organisation, we have not specified a structure. Staff should ensure that:

  • Content is organised clearly using folders / Learning Modules by weeks or topics (guidance on learning modules and folders is available).
  • All content, including folders / Learning Modules are named clearly and consistently.
  • All relevant learning materials are uploaded to the Blackboard course site – this includes PowerPoint slides, handouts, notes or other supporting materials.
  • Learning activities are added alongside the relevant supporting materials (learning resources).
  • Clear instructions for students on what to do with each resource.
  • All learning materials must be as accessible as possible. If some items cannot be made fully accessible, explain why and what students can do to request more accessible options. See AU Guidance on Creating Accessible Learning Materials for more information.
  • Panopto recordings are included alongside the relevant learning materials / activities. For guidance on recording live lectures, see the AU Lecture Capture Policy. For guidance on pre-recorded lectures, see How to make asynchronous recordings engaging and interactive
  • Where appropriate, use Adaptive Release to release content at specific times, to specific users, or based on user activities.

Assessment and Feedback Folder

The assessment and feedback folder should contain:

  • Assessment information including marking criteria.
  • How to access feedback.
  • Assignment submission points with full information including the date and time of the assignment deadline.
  • A link to the Regulation on Unacceptable Practice
  • A link to Past Exam Papers
  • Statistics tracking on assignment briefs is recommended, as it enables teaching staff to know whether students have consulted the assignment briefs or not.
  • Who to contact if students have difficulties submitting assignments. Direct students to the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit for technical assistance (

External Examiners (hidden) Folder

This folder should include:

  • Items that you want the External Examiner to view
  • Downloaded marked assignments for moderation
  • Evidence of moderation processes
  • This folder should never be made visible to students

Aspire Reading List

The Aspire reading list to be added as a standalone item (rather than in a folder) and to be located on the Content tab as one of the top six items.

“Mae'r Polisi hwn yn cael ei gynnal gan Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth. Fe’i adolygwyd ddiwethaf ym mis Chwefror 2023 gan Bwyllgor Gwella Academaidd a bydd yn cael ei adolygu eto ym mis Chwefror 2024. / This Policy is maintained by Information Services, was last reviewed by Academic Enhancement Committee in February 2023 and is due for review in February 2024.”

Additional Information

More information and support is available: