Meet the Team

Meet your Res. Life Team for 2023/24!

Jonny Davies



Residence Life Manager

Aber Graduate

Department of International Politics


Skateboarding, football (watching and playing), watching films/tv shows, ParkRun

Favourite film

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Anamé Du Toit

Ash Patil

Enlli Jones

Gwilym Tootell

Jacob Persson

James Carmel

Josiah Lakin

Kieran Anderson

Lucy Gardner

Marina Dearden

Meg Holton

Myles Regester

Own words from RA's:

"Becoming an RA has given me the opportunity to work whilst I study as a student. It has given me that chance to interact with students from different years and departments both with co-workers and with students who have attended events. It's given me the confidence to interact with others and taught me more about essential skills such as time management and planning." - RA 2021-23

"Working as a RA has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. Contributing to a dynamic and supportive community has allowed me to make an impact on the lives of my fellow students, while also developing valuable skills for my personal and professional growth" - RA 2022-23

“Being a RA has been an incredible experience. It has helped me improved in every aspect of my life such as my confidence and knowledge of others. It has been really rewarding knowing I have had a positive impact on the students on campus and really making a difference in people's lives.” - RA 2022-23

'Choosing to apply to the RA role was one of the best decisions I have made at university. It's given me a great opportunity to balance work and study while also cultivating a sense of responsibility and time management. Being an RA has instilled me a newfound confidence in interacting with others by developing my interpersonal skills through offering guidance and hosting events for residents to enjoy. I'd highly recommend this role to anyone who is interested in working alongside their studies.' - RA 2022-23

"Having the opportunity to work as an RA has granted me so many positive memories to look back on. Working within the team has allowed me to improve my organisation, time management and communication skills, and I have been able to adapt these skills whilst working with our residences. The experiences that I have gained this from role will assist me further in my future career path as being a Resident Assistant has pushed me to become my best working self." - RA 2022-23

"This role definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but it was as rewarding as I had the opportunity to immensely grow and develop new skills!" - RA 2022-23 

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