The 2nd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

The 2nd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference was held between Tuesday 16th of September and Thursday 18th September 2014.

2014's conference theme was 'Inspiring Teaching: Sharing Teaching and Technology Tales.'

The six main strands of the conference were:

  • Student engagement in active learning.
  • Ehancing assessment and feedback.
  • Innovative approaches to teaching.
  • Application of technology to educational challenges.
  • Emerging tools and technologies.
  • Getting involved in pedagofic research.

Below is the timetable for the 2014 conference, and contains links to resources such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts, contact profiles and location profiles.

Conference Programme 2014

Day One, Monday 15th September:

Time Event Location Resources

E-Submission Workshop

Kate Wright

C66, Hugh Owen  
16:00 END OF THE DAY    

Day Two, Tuesday 16th September:

Time Event Location Resources
10:00 Early Registration    

Session 1 - Getting Started with AberLearn BlackBoard Workshop

Johanna Westwood

C66, Hugh Owen  
11:30 Registration and Lunch MedRus Penbryn  

Session 2 - Welcome 

Professor April McMahon, Vice Chancellor

Open Address and Academi Aber Academy Launch

Professor John Grattan, Pro Vice Chancellor

Keynote Address - More Effective Use of (Teaching) Time and Space

Professor Simon Lancaster, School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia

MedRus Penbryn  

Session 3 - The CADARN Learning Portal

Dr Tom Bartlett

Enhancing Student Engagement Beyond Assessment

Dr Antonia Ivaldi

MedRus Penbryn  
15:15 Tea Break MedRus Penbryn  

Session 4A - Inspiring Teaching through Action Research Pure Action Research with Geography Students

Dr Kevin Grove

What is Action Research and What Opportunities Does it Offer University Teaching?

Saffron Passam

From Action Research to Pedagogical Publication - Interview Findings

Graham Lewis 

MedRus Penbryn   

Session 4B - Teaching with Tablets

Daniel Burgarth

Evaluating On-Line Assessment

Malcolm Leitch

A14, Hugh Owen   

Session 5A - Academi Aber Academy Open House: Introduction and Tour

Media Lab Demonstration and Workshop

Lizi Hesling, CADARN Learning Portal

Academi Aber Academy, Hugh Owen

E4, Media Lab, Hugh Owen 


Session 5B - Video Diary Room Interviews

Dr Joanne Maddern, Technical Support 

E5, Recording Studio, Hugh Owen Library   
17:30 END OF THE DAY     

Day Three, Wednesday 17th September:

Time Event Location Resources

Session 1 - Making a Video: Quick and Easy

Mary Jacob, Dr Gareth Hall

A14, Hugh Owen  
09:20- 10:20

Session 2A - Learning through Role Plays: Lessons from Intelligence Studies

Dr Claudia Hillebrand

Online Discussions

Dr Gareth Norris

A14, Hugh Owen  

Session 2B - Using Quizdom to Engage Students and 'Flip' Lectures

Rachel Howell

Authentic Assessment

Basil Wolf

A12, Hugh Owen  
10:00 - 10:30

Session 3 - Engagement with Employability

Dr Hazel Davey

A14, Hugh Owen  

Access Aberystwyth App Launch and Coffee Sponsored by AberPrentice

Rebecca Davies, Carolyn Parry

Hugh Owen Foyer  

Session4 - AberPrentic - A Model for Multi-Disciplinary Student Employability and Enterprise Development

Carolyn Parry, Neil Taylor, Julie McEwan, Dr Dave Poynton

Keynote - Reading Lists at Liverpool: A Case Study

Dr Lisa Shaw, University of Liverpool, Clair Sharpe, University of Liverpool

A14, Hugh Owen  
13:00 Lunch Hugh Owen Foyer  

Session 5 - Poster Session

The CADARN Learning Portal

Dr Tom Bartlett

'Expressing Opinions' an Art History Distance Learning Initiative

Alison Pierse

AU Exemplary Course Award

Mary Jacob

Instructional Video for Engancing Student Learning

Tom Holt

Enhancing AberLearn BlackBoard Presence

Kate Wright

Lobby outside A12, Hugh Owen  

Session 6A - Teaching Room Demonstration, Drop in Session

Lauren Harvey

A14, Hugh Owen  

Session 6B - Manage Your Reading Lists with TALIS Aspire Workshop

Laura Unwin, Joy Cadwallader

C66, Hugh Owen  

Session 7 - Aberystwyth University Exemplary Course Award

Mary Jacob

A14, Hugh Owen  
15:30 Tea Break Academi Aber Academy, Hugh Owen Library  

Session 8A - Manage Your Reading Lists with TALIS Aspire Workshop

Laura Unwin, Joy Cadwallader

C66, Hugh Owen  

Session 8B - Helix Workshop

Johanna Westwood

Academi Aber Academy  

Session 9A - Academi Aber Academy Open House: Introduction and Tour

Mary Jacob

Media Lab Demonstration and Workshop

Lizi Hesling

Academi Aber Academy

Media Lab, E4, Academi Aber Academy


Session 9B - Video Diary Room Interviews

Dr Joanner Maddern, Russ Basford


Day four, Thursday 18th September:


Time Event Location Resources

Session 1A Chair: Dr. Stephen Atherton

Some Tips for Improving Learning – Provoke, Relate, Reveal

Ian Keirle, Senior lecturer , IBERS

Assessment for Learning: the Use of Quizzes to Enhance Student Learning

Basil Wolf, Lecturer, IBERS

MedRus 1 Penbryn   

Session 1B Chair: Paul Richardson

Student-made videos for assessment & teaching

Rupert Marshall, Reader in Animal Behaviour, IBERS


Coding in the cloud

Bernie Tiddeman, Senior Lecturer & Head of Department, Department of Computer Science


Study Skills and Learning Transition, the Fresher’s Perspective

Sahm Nikoi, Information Services


The Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities Joint Recognition Scheme for Continuing Professional Development in Teaching and Supporting Learning: Applying for Higher Education Academy Fellowships

Graham Lewis, Coordinator, Centre for the Development of Staff and Academic Practice


Hugh Owen A14  
10:30-11:00 Coffee MedRus 1 Penbryn  

Session 2 Chair: Johanna Westwood

Pantopto: Innovative Uses of Video in HE

Debra Garretson, Panopto

MedRus 1 Penbryn  

Session 3 Facilitator: Mary Jacob, Information Services

Improving Feedback Skill-Share


13:00-14:00  Lunch  MedRus 1 Penbryn   
13:30-3:00  Session four     

Teaching Room Demonstration

Drop in session


Lauren Harvey, Information Services

Hugh Owen A14   

Module MakeoverWorkshop


Johanna Westwood, Information Services

Hugh Owen C66   
  Five Minute Transition     

Session 5A Chair:  Ayla Gol

Roundtable Discussion: Using Technology to Support Distance Learners and Deliver Their Learning Content in Innovative and Engaging Ways

Tanya Rogers; Sue Lithgow; John Neslon; Marianne Taylor, Open Learning Unit, Department of Information Studies


Martine Spittle; Julia Jenkins, Advanced Training Partnership, IBERS,


MedRus 1 Penbryn   

Session 5B Chair:  Dafydd Sills-Jones

Do Not Teach Mathematics, Play With It

Nitin Kumar Naik, Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science


Navigating the Site Map: From Analogue to Digital Space

Dr. Louise Ritchie, Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies

Academi Aber Academy E3   
15:00-15:30  Tea  MedRus 1 Penbryn   

Session 6 Chair:  Paul Richardson, Jisc

Common Sense and the Craft of Teaching: Communal Modes of Support

Dr. Richard Davies, Lecturer, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning


In the Liminal Space: Software Design as a Threshold Skill

Dr. Lynda Thomas, Teaching Fellow, Department of Computer Science


#OutInTheField: The Use of Twitter in Revitalizing Human Geography Methods Training

Greg Thomas & Will Andrews, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences



Professor John Grattan,  Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and International

MedRus 1 Penbryn