Y Gynhadledd Dysgu ac Addysgu Flynyddol gyntaf

Y Gynhadledd Dysgu ac Addysgu Flynyddol gyntaf    

Cynhaliwyd y Gynhadledd Dysgu ac Addysgu Flynyddol gyntaf rhwng dydd Mercher 18 Medi a dydd Gwener 20 Medi 2013. 

Thema 2013 oedd ‘Pam Ddylwn i Newid y Ffordd Rwy'n Addysgu?  Gwella Ymgysylltiad a Dysgu Myfyrwyr’

Rhaglen y gynhadledd

Diwrnod Un, Dydd Mercher 18fed Mis Medi:

Amser Digwyddiad Lleoliad Adnodd

10:00 – 11:00

Sesiwn 1 – Prif Anerchiad

Higher Education, Students and Technology is changing, are you?

Dr Neil Morris, University of Leeds

A12, Hugh Owen


11:30 – 12:30

Sesiwn 2A –

Enhancing the Motivation to Learn: Using in Class Voting and Assessment for Learning Activities to Improve Student Engagement in Lectures 

Dr. Stephen Atherton 

Technology Can Be A Suitable Aid to Student Engagement and Learning

Dr. Nazrul Islam



A14, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 2B –

Some Thoughts on Opportunities for Formative Assessment and Effective Feedback

Robin Chapman

Survival Guides, Wikis and Weblogs: Designing and Coordinating an Online Learning Community to Support the Professional Development of Earl-Mid Career Lecturers and University Teachers

Dr Joanne Maddern





C164, Hugh Owen


14:00 – 15:00

Sesiwn 3A – Sustainability Network Wales: Enhancing Learning and Teaching in School

Dr Elizabet Hart

Distance Learning: Some Challenges and Solutions

Dr Owen Thomas

Designing Online Modules

Dr Gareth Norris

A14, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 3B – Supporting Students with Directed Learning Resources: Advantages of Private Study

Dr Hazel Davey

Engaging Students on Study Tours: Some Example Activities

Ian Keirle

C164, Hugh Owen


15:30 – 16:40

Sesiwn 4 – Using Blogs to Enhance Creative and Reflective Processes

Dr Andrew Filmer

An Effective Use of Electronic Learning Portfolios for Teaching Islamic Studies in Aberystwyth University

Dr Ayla Gol

C164, Hugh Owen





Diwrnod Dai, Dydd Iau 19fed Mis Medi:

Amser Digwyddiad Lleoliad Adnodd

10:00 – 10:45

Sesiwn 1 – Cyflogadwyedd

Employability Keynote Changing the way, we Teach or Thinking About our Disciplines as More Than a Concept? Linking Research-Teaching-Employability Dr Vicky Gunn, Glasgow University

Dr Vicky Gunn,

Glasgow University

A14, Hugh Owen


12:15 – 13:00

Sesiwn 3 – Enhancing Learning: Social Networking in the Field and Role-play for Large Class Sizes Dr Carina Fernley

Dr Carina Fernley

A12, Hugh Owen


14:00 – 15:00

Sesiwn 4A – The Use of E-learning Technology to Structure Learning and Enhance Student Engagement

Dr Basil Wolf, Dr Malcolm Leitch

The Use of E-learning and Technology to Develop Scientific Literacy Skills

Dr Eli Saetnan, Dr Basil Wolf

A14, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 4B – Facebook Use for Student Support

Karl Drinkwater

Teaching Through Student Participation in Global Meetings

Madeline Carr

C164, Hugh Owen


16:00 – 17:00

Sesiwn 5A – Turning it in or Churning it out? Technology Enhanced Learning as Feedback

Dr Rupert Marshall

Evaluation and Enhancement Via the Student Perspective

Juanita Foster-Jones and Dr Allen Foster

A14, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 5B – Electronic Assessment of a Laboratory Practical

Dr David E. Whitworth

Using Twitter to Engage Students Outside the Classroom

Dr Jenny Mathers

C164, Hugh Owen





Diwrnod Tri, Dydd Gwener 20fed Mis Medi:


Digwyddiad Lleoliad Adnodd

10:00 – 11:00

Sesiwn 1A – Copyright: An Impediment to Enhanced Learning?

Dr Jonathan Davies

A14, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 1B – The CADARN Learning Portal - Challenge and Opportunity

Dr Thomas Bartlett

Improving Engagement with Feedback – Tablet Assessment Project

Prysor Davies

 C164, Hugh Owen


Sesiwn 1C – Aspects of Aber, Aspects of Wales: An international Student Guide to Study, Business, Culture and Society

Jon Morgan

Reading Lists and £9k Fees: Quick Wins for Introducing Texts

Joy Cadwallader

A12, Hugh Owen


13:00 – 14:00

Sesiwn 3 – Sesiwn Poster 

Up-cycled Clothing for Cottage Industries in Mid Wales

Alison Pierse

Comparison of print, Online (Wimba), and eBook Formats for Distance learning and Content Delivery

John Nelson

Recognition of Teaching Development

Graham Lewis

Online Feedback

Antonio Rubio

Developing Interactive Artifacts to Promote Assessment for Learning for Undergraduate Students

Stephen Atherton, Malcolm Thomas

The Nexus Website – Sharing Good Practice in Technology-enhanced Learning at Aberystwyth University

Mary Jacob

Crynodebau Sesiwn Poster



14:00 – 15:00

Sesiwn 4A – An Example of Student-Centred Learning for the Year 2 International Tourism Development Module (SMB): The Use of Wikis to Enhance Student Learning

Amanda Talbot

How Can we Enhance Student Engagement with the ‘Climate Change Debate’?: Experiences from a Level 1 Geography Module

Stephen Tooth

A14, Hugh Owen



Sesiwn 4B – TARDIS Teaching for Online Work-based Learning

Dr Richard Davies

Evaluating how Science and Technology are Communicated to the Public

Dr Malcolm Thomas, Dr Stephen Atherton

C164, Hugh Owen



Sesiwn 4C – Small-Group Academic and Personal Tutorial – The Tuesday Lunchtime Club

Balazs Pinter

Using HTML5 to Teach HTML5 (and Other Things)

Dr Hannah Dee

A12, Hugh Owen



Sesiwn 5 – The Learned and the Learning: Moving Partnership Beyond Platitudes

A14, Hugh Owen